MAD Magazine and Groo the Wanderer fans are in luck! Dark Horse Comics has announced a brand new, hardcover collection from “the world’s fastest cartoonist,” Sergio Aragonésslated for release this summer (just in time for San Diego Comic-Con).

Entitled Louder Than Words, Actions Speakthe book will collect issues #1-6 of both titular series, originally published between 1997 and 2001, alongside the original series covers drawn by Aragonés and colored by Tom Luth. Louder Than Words, Actions Speak also boasts a new cover drawn by Aragonés and colored by Carrie Strachanseen below.

Louder Than Words, Actions Speak cover
(Dark Horse Books)

Aragonés, who co-founded the Comic Art Professional Society (CAPS) in 1977 with Mark Evanier and Don Rico, he has received dozens of professional awards for his comics, among them multiple National Cartoonists Society awards for his work, including his top honor, the Reuben Award. In 1992, he became the first Mexican comics creator to win an Eisner Award for Groo the Wanderer alongside Evanier, and in the years that Dark Horse originally published Louder Than Words and Actions Speakhe received four Harvey Award Special Awards for Humor, bringing his total for that specific honor to a whopping nine.

Aragonés is one of the most prolific and beloved humor cartoonists of the last century, and the 320-page, hardcover collection Louder Than Words, Actions Speak presents two of his seminal series in one place for the first time. The book goes on sale for $49.99 on July 16 and is now available for preorder wherever you buy books.


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