Screenshot: CNN/Kotaku

If you somehow didn’t know, current US president Joe Biden and former US President Donald Trump fairy presidential debate last night. How did we get here? Well, our country’s two-party system is so absolute that people looked at these two geriatrics who can barely string two sentences together and thought, “One of these two people should have the most powerful seat in the country’s government again.” Meanwhile, the average citizen looking for a third option that might actually fix anything in this collapsing country is left to stare around themselves, wondering what they’re supposed to do now. Well, my friends, we do what we always do when things are bad: We post through it.

There are always a lot of good jokes at the expense of undeservedly powerful people when we reach the election cycle, and last night’s presidential debate was no different. We got memes and shitposts aplenty. We had guffaws and chortles galore. Most of the jokes focused specifically on Biden’s behavior, as the man is clearly too goddamn old for the position and was spacing out, speaking nonsense, and even Trump who has very few coherent thoughts to his name, he was able to call him on it. But we also got video game-related jokes specifically, and that means we get to write about it here at Kotaku period com, where we cover video games and the ways they intersect with culture, art, and politics. So join us in laughing as the ship sinks around us.

See friends, we just have to laugh through the pain of knowing that our nationwide political elections are based on an undemocratic electoral college system operating a binary, two-party system that allows no nuance and try not to fall into despair. Remember: The key to real change is being active in your local community instead of only caring about politics when these barely functioning old dudes are wheeled out every four years for a presidential election.