The Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) of The final scrutiny of the presidential elections of February 4 concluded on Friday night, giving victory to the president with more than 2.7 million votes.

After concluding with the vote-by-vote recount of some ballot boxes that presented inconsistency, the scrutiny reached 100% while waiting for the TSE to issue the minutes that make Bukele’s victory official by an overwhelming majority, which would be tonight.

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Bukele would have obtained 84% of electoral support, with what It would exceed the 53% it reached in 2019.

Behind would be the candidates of the leftist, and former party of Bukele, Farabundo Martí Front for National Liberation (FMLN) and the right Nationalist Republican Alliance (Arena) with 204,167 and 177,881 votes, respectively.

The magistrate William Wellman assured that “With responsibility and transparency we have concluded the final scrutiny of the presidential election.”

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He pointed out that the 51 tables installed to process the 8,644 minutes with voting results in the national territory and abroad have completed their work.

Sunday night, Bukele He declared himself the winner with more than 85% of the voteswithout the total number of voters and the percentage of abstentionism being known yet.

Bukele would thus become the first president of El Salvador to be re-elected, despite the constitutional ban, since the country left a decades-long military dictatorship and entered democracy.


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