Édgar Vivar will become the Wizard of Oz in the Chola Chabuca circus. (Photo: diffusion)

Mexican actor will be in the circus season Circo Internacional de la Chola Chabuca “Oz”, in Plaza Norte. Find out the details.

The Chola Chabuca circus returns to Plaza Norte for another year with its show ‘Oz’. This season, the show will feature the special participation of Mexican actor Edgard Vivar, known for his roles in ‘El Chavo del 8’.

The Mexican actor will play the character of the Wizard of Oz in the circus show, which will premiere on July 19. Tickets are now available on Teleticket, with a pre-sale that offers up to 40% discount starting this Friday.

It should be noted that Vivar is no stranger to this character, since 11 years ago he played it in the musical ‘The Wizard of Oz’ in theater, where he showed his talent for singing and dancing.

The Chola Chabuca circus, which has been running for 24 years, has been a pillar of entertainment and joy for Peruvian families. Last year, Mexican actress Karol Sevilla, famous for her leading role in the series ‘Soy Luna’, was the guest star, demonstrating the circus’ ability to attract great international talents. Likewise, Edgard Vivar is quite popular with Peruvians.

Ernesto Pimentel on having the presence of Edgard Vivar

In this regard, Ernesto Pimentel expressed his enthusiasm for the return of the circus and the collaboration with Vivar. “Every year we strive to bring the best entertainment to our audiences, and having Edgard Vivar as the Wizard of Oz is great. I am sure that this season will be unforgettable for everyone; but we will also soon announce great national stars who will be part of the show,” he said.

He added that it is an honor to have Edgard back on the Peruvian stage. “His talent and charisma add immense value to our show,” he emphasized.

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