Petrol Head — the comic about colorful high-stakes racing robots in a future where climate change has destroyed society — may soon be coming to theaters.

Indeed, Lee Brazier of Mr. B Films has optioned Petrol Head for film. The book — which is by creators Rob Williams and Pye Parr — was a hit when it debuted at the end of last year, and, as it would have it, the collected trade for it is out today.

Here’s a bit more about the film interest from a press release announcing the deal:

Lee Brazier was Executive Producer on Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis’ YESTERDAY and Matt Palmer’s CALIBRE. Mr B Films will be working with Janice Fidler and Blondel Aidoo of Rabbit Hole Studios to adapt Petrol Head for the screen. Rabbit Hole Studios’ credits include VFX Producers on X-MEN : DAYS OF FUTURE PAST and (Co-Producer/VFX Producers on ATLAS & RED NOTICE).

I for one am excited about this film option. First of all, the comic is very good. Second, a car comic is a natural fit for a film adaptation, given the noise and fast-moving visuals inherent to that kind of story. Plus, I’ve personally wanted to see the characters in this comic — which boast some of the best designs in all of comics — turned into toys.

I have to imagine if the film does come to pass, we’re one step closer to my dream of having Petrol Head characters on a shelf somewhere in my office, it would also be one step closer to coming to pass.

You can read The Beat’s review of Petrol Head #1 here, and also check out a conversation between myself and Williams and Parr, wherein we talk about the creative origins for the aforementioned excellent design concepts.

Here’s the cover from the new trade collection that just dropped:

Petrol Head