The official Class of 2024 has been revealed.

For the unfamiliar, our annual Class isn’t an index of promising SoundCloud beatmakers or a trite “artists to watch” list. It’s a list of 10 musicians with transformative skill sets who are on the cusp of changing the fabric of electronic dance music.

Through their workhorse mentalities and defiance of industry standards, these groundbreaking future headliners have already proven their volcanic potential in the scene—and they’re now ready to erupt.

The members of the Class of 2024 are Camden Cox, DJ Susan, Hamdi, Hedex, HoneyLuv, Kenya Grace, Levity, Nitefreak, Of The Trees and Sara Landry. Continue on to read more about each artist and discover their music.

Camden Cox

Prolific singer-songwriter Camden Cox has the profound ability to imbue tangible bliss—or aching melancholy—that lingers long after the music stops. Artfully bottling those conflicting emotions like fireflies in a jar on a dark night, Cox’s boundless lyricism has led to collaborations with deadmau5, John Summit and Vintage Culture, among other superstar dance music producers.

Camden Cox.


DJ Susan

If you’ve ever seen him perform live, you can attest that no one does it quite like DJ Susan. Bombarding crowds with a nonstop barrage of his trunk-thumping tech house beats with a nostalgic twist, every one of his unbridled DJ sets can be filed away in the “you had to be there” category. With an effervescent stage presence and the production chops to match, Susan, who also helms the influential Hood Politics Recordssomehow makes everyone feel like the life of the party.

img 6685
DJ Susan.

c/o Slush Management


Hamdi has furiously risen from the UK underground to grow into a bona fide trailblazer whose approach to electronic music production is precipitating a paradigm shift in real-time. Gliding on the frantic wings of his breakout hit “Skanka,” he is leading legions of hungry producers into a full-blown resurgence of 140 BPM dubstep, turning back the clock to genre’s golden days while reinventing it for a new generation.


c/o Psylent MGMT


Fueled by the roaring rhythms of his breakthrough drum & bass hit, “MHITR (Semi-Automatic),” hedex is on an unassailable rampage through the genre’s upper echelon as its global explosion continue. The song’s namesake, “My Home is the Rave,” has emerged as a popular mantra for the drum & bass community and its Cambridgeshire-born creator is poised to become one of the culture’s longtime flag-bearers.

hedex usa tour 063

c/o DnB Allstars


HoneyLuv is leading the charge of a generation of house music producers who are pulling from the past to speak to the present. With lyrics celebrating sensuality and self-love layered over soulful production, her music and style of ella ooze bravado, leading to support from the likes of Duke Dumont, Mark Knight and Seth Troxler, among many other influential producers.

honeyluv nikicram 42 websize

Niki Cram

Kenya Grace

Crafting liquid drum & bass ballads from her bedroom, Kenya Grace wraps listeners in hazy soundscapes where her chilling vocal hooks linger like an icy winter fog. It’s rare to discover generational artists like Grace, whose breakthrough hit “Strangers” became the first song in the history of Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart to be written, produced and sung solely by a woman. And it’s scary to think she’s just getting started—her upcoming Coachella debut will blow the doors off her broiling potential.

lead new photo pc michelle helena janssen dscf1131 2
Kenya Grace.

Michelle Helena Janssen


Producing breezy beats that mutate into bass anthems with bite, Levity masterfully fuse sunshine and lightning under one musical umbrella. After an impromptu DJ set at Electric Forest 2023 launched the trio into the stratosphere, they’ve been pumping out hits like a broken printer while building an exuberant community founded on compassion rather than competition.

levity press 8 20 239

c/o 2+2 Management


Nitefreak weaves sun-kissed melodies through moonlit grooves, crafting raw Afro-house that shimmers with ancestral wisdom. His sultry beats bloom from deep roots to tell visceral stories of his home of Zimbabwe, leading to support from Black Coffee, Keinemusik, Tiësto and many more elite producers.

mario pinta chinois pablo fierro 09062023 27

Mario Pinta

Of The Trees

Beneath a canopy of hypnotic bass and rustling percussion, Of The Trees‘music plants rhythmic seeds that take root in the fertile soil of your dancing feet. With a brand all his own and a sound that sinks its eerie tendrils into your brain, this virtuosic producer is on an ascending trajectory the heights of which surpass even the tallest of trees.

preferred press pic 1 lindsey ruth 1
Of The Trees.

Lindsey Ruth

Sarah Landry

Sarah Landry, fans of whom affectionately call the “High Priestess of Hard Techno,” is taking the genre to places its never been before. A favorite of the iconic Boiler Room, she fearlessly pushes the tempo to the bleeding edge, producing a rabid sound that infiltrates your consciousness with the unrelenting energy of a bullet train.

230912 sara landry sn0388 enhanced nr edit copy 3
Sara Landry.

c/o Night Department


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