The renowned singer Becky G and the soccer player Sebastian Lletget have decided to give their love story a second chance, after the public infidelity on the part of the athlete that affected their long relationship.

A few months ago, the couple faced a media storm after reports circulated about alleged infidelity on the part of the 31-year-old footballer. Despite the difficult times, Becky G and Lletget recently reappeared together in public, fueling speculation about a possible reconciliation.

According to exclusive reports from Us Weekly, the couple never completely separated, despite the difficult circumstances they faced. A source close to the couple revealed: “They were in a really bad place and she disappeared for a couple of days, but that’s it.” The same source assured that Becky G, 26, has been supporting Lletget during her free time from touring and that they have decided to give their relationship a second chance.

These reports come just weeks after Becky G and the soccer player were spotted together at a farmers market in Los Angeles, sparking even more speculation about the current status of their romance.

The love story between Becky G and Sebastian Lletget began in 2016, when some friends acted as cupid and introduced them. After several years of relationship, the footballer proposed to the talented singer in a romantic setting in December of last year.

In March, the couple became embroiled in controversy when rumors of alleged infidelity on Lletget’s part emerged. At that time, the soccer player admitted his mistake and issued a public apology to Becky G. “I did the opposite, hurting you and disrespecting the person I love more than anything. I am very sorry and I know that I have to do whatever is necessary to regain the trust and love that you deserve,” Lletget expressed.

Now, with their decision to face adversity together, Becky G and Sebastian Lletget hope to leave misunderstandings behind and build a solid future for their relationship.


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