Christian Nodal and Angela Aguilar continue to create a stir after confirming their relationship. International media reported on a possible wedding.

Before the second half of June 2024, rumors of a secret wedding between Mexican singers Christian Nodal and Ángela Aguilar have flooded social networks and the media.

The rumors originated from a couple of posts on social media, such as the one by Italian makeup artist Stefano Comelli who shared photos on his Instagram account where he was seen working with the young artist, mentioning that he was in Italy.

Likewise, entertainment journalist Maxine Woodside confirmed that she received information from a source close to the Aguilar family, confirming the wedding, precisely, in Italy. Christian Nodal did not come out to declare or deny the rumors, but Angela Aguilar did.

Angela Aguilar denied marriage with Christian Nodal

However, Angela Aguilar has denied her marriage to Christian Nodal. Recently in an interview for the magazine Quién she stated that she is neither married nor pregnant. “Please don’t marry me or get me pregnant yet. I don’t seek to have qualities in my relationships, I seek to have qualities as an artist and as a person,” said Pepe Aguilar’s daughter.

What did Christian Nodal and Angela Aguilar say about their romance?

“It’s not a new relationship, it’s the continuation of a story that life made us pause to be able to grow and miss. Because when we let ourselves go, when we came back we were more ourselves,” Angela Aguilar commented about her romance with Christian Nodal for Hola! magazine.

On the other hand, on Tuesday, June 11, Christian Nodal came out to declare indicating that in his breakup with Cazzu, mother of his daughter in common. “In that relationship there were never third parties, there was never an infidelity, sometimes love simply does not work and now I find myself living a beautiful experience, with a woman that I love, with a love that took so many years for what is happening to happen and we are enjoying it, we are living the experience,” expressed the interpreter of ‘Adiós amor’.