The world-famous Italian electronic music DJ and producer Deborah DeLuca prepares its long-awaited return to New York, United States, with the announcement of an exclusive pop-up event in the heart of Manhattan’s emblematic Times Square. The event will take place on Tuesday, May 21 from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. CET, just three days before the release of Deborah De Luca’s third studio album, Hard Popwhich will be released on May 24 through his own label Only Records.

Regarding the event, Deborah De Luca commented the following:

“I am so excited to bring my music to the heart of New York with this once-in-a-lifetime event. Times Square is an iconic location and I am honored to have the opportunity to share the music from my new album with my fans in the United States. I will also be joined by some of the incredible vocalists who have collaborated with me on the project, so stay tuned.”.

The Times Square event represents a milestone in Deborah De Luca’s illustrious career and sets the stage for the release of her third studio album ‘Hard Pop’. This work represents the culmination of a decade of the Italian’s career, as well as the influences that have inspired her rise to the pinnacle of dance music.

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Celebrating Deborah’s deep roots in Neapolitan techno, as well as her appreciation for the growing role of pop within the genre. Masterfully navigating the contrasting landscapes of these two realms, Deborah’s latest album is a sonic tour that honors the golden era of rave music, with a pioneering touch.

With a huge catalog of music behind her, she has been called a standard bearer for the progression of techno both in the studio and on stage. Nicknamed by many the Queen of Naples, Deborah De Luca’s journey from humble beginnings in one of the city’s toughest neighborhoods to international fame has been extraordinary. Her ability to captivate audiences with electrically charged and technically nuanced sets has cemented her reputation as one of the most exciting talents to emerge from the international techno scene in the last two decades.