DARKTHRONE will release his new album, «It Beckons Us All«, this Friday (April 26) via Peaceville. The band has released a lyric video for the new single, “The Bird People Of Nordland«, which can be seen below:

The limited deluxe edition of the album is shown in the following video:

Pioneers of a sound that changed the world. Lifelong disciples of suspense and mystery. An enigmatic duo like no other, bent on bewitching souls across the eternities. DARKTHRONE They have been called many things since their formation in 1986, and these are just a few of them, as they have drawn from a creative well so potent and powerful that it has made them one of Norway’s greatest musical exports.

After their debut album «Soulside Journey“, the next three albums, often referred to as “the unholy three”, set the benchmark for black metal in the early ’90s, although they have never really been ones to rest on their laurels, distilling elements of punk , doom, thrash and death vintage into their own sonic footprint and continuing to test that equation over the years. It has been quite a journey, which has won over the cryptic couple Night and Fenriz legions of loyal followers around the world. This tradition will only continue with his latest masterpiece, «It Beckons Us All«.

The new music is an intense observation of the world around them, exciting and challenging the listener in equal measure, in the way only they can. Some of the riffs howl through a gallery of ice and snow, while others crackle like a volcano awakening from its eternal slumber, the demonic barks of Night bouncing through the intoxicating structures almost as if they were emitted from a distant galaxy. As DARKTHRONE has shown us so many times in the past, his music is most visual, evoking tangible images through sound. Whether the ideas are gloomy, reflective, or intense, they exist as emotional concepts that can be seen and felt as well as heard.

«I find it difficult to put into words my personal feelings around the existential title’It Beckons Us All‘; I just hope that others can feel the darkness that surrounds him,” he reflects. Fenriz.

Unafraid to venture beyond the confines of the extreme metal template that were paramount in creation, there are moments in “It Beckons Us All» that will dazzle and surprise, as well as satisfy fans of yesteryear. Night comments:

«We recorded as we always do, live, that is, drums and guitar, with another guitar added later. We found a new twist during this process that definitely benefited this album. Fenriz He did stellar clean vocals on several songs, and his creative thinking made him so good. This time we also shared the bass work. We added a lot of extra layers, like lead guitars… he was a hive of ideas. Instead of looking for a plug-in or synth patch for the chorus, we recorded four vocal tracks each. DARKTHRONE is a band in constant evolution, as many should know by now, and this album delves a little into the heavy genre. “I have no idea what genre we are, and I haven’t really cared much about it, but I know for sure it’s metal.”

In that sense, “It Beckons Us All» is the best demonstration of two visionaries who dominate the world. They know what works, but most importantly they choose to grow, dedicating every ounce of their hearts and souls to developing the amazing whirlwind of noise that could only have come from their collective minds. There are clean guitars, clean vocals, and less typical instruments in the mix, but the approach, intent, and ethics at the heart of their fearless art remain the same. This is music for dreamers who find themselves paralyzed by the contrast between the beauty and ugliness of the world around them. DARKTHRONEwhich never appease the faint-hearted, are the most real and human thing that exists.

«It Beckons Us All» was recorded in April and May 2023 in the Chaka Khan Studios from Oslo, the same location used for the albums «Eternal Hails” and “Astral Fortress«, mastered by Jack Control in “Enormous Door«, with illustrations courtesy of the Polish artist Zbigniew Bielak.

darktrhonecd324 1

«It Beckons Us All» tracklisting:

“Howling Primitive Colonies”
“Eon 3”
“Black Dawn Affiliation”
«And In That Moment I Knew The Answer»
“The Bird People Of Nordland”
“The Heavy Hand”
“The Lone Pines Of The Lost Planet”

«It Beckons Us All» will be available in the following formats, pre-orders here:

  • Limited edition in luxury box: includes «It Beckons Us All» on CD, an exclusive Corona vinyl LP and cassette, and art prints, all in a heavy-duty flip-top box.
  • Limited edition of the LP «Fenriz» in marble blue vinyl, available exclusively in stores Peaceville.
  • Limited edition of the LP «Nocturnal Cult» in gray marble vinyl, available in stores Peaceville.
  • CD
  • LP
  • Digital

There are other limited editions on colored vinyl available in stores around the world: cream white, crystal clear, petrol and a collector’s dream… if you can find them!

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