The president of , expressed his condolences this Tuesday for the death of the former president of in a helicopter accident.

With all due respect we convey to you our condolences for the tragic death of the former president of that brother country, Mr. Miguel Juan Sebastian Piñera Echenique”Ortega wrote in a letter addressed to his Chilean counterpart, Gabriel Boric.

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In the letter, also signed by the wife of Ortegathe vice president Rosario Murillothe Sandinista president greeted the family of former president Piñera, his wife, Cecilia Morelto his children, and raised his prayers “for his eternal rest.”

Piñera was very critical of the Government he presides Daniel Ortega in Nicaraguawho has been in power since 2007.

Last September he was one of the 25 former heads of State and Government who condemned the closure of the Central American Institute of Business Administration (Incae) by the Ministry of the Interior (Interior) of Nicaragua.

The group of former presidents, participants in the Democratic Initiative of Spain and the Americas (IDEA), they regretted that “the dictatorial and despotic regime” made up of Ortega and Murillo will announce the closure of the campus of the Incaelocated on the outskirts of Managua.

A month before, in August 2023, he was part of a group of 26 former heads of State and Government of Spain and Latin America who showed their concern about the “religious persecution unleashed by the dictatorship” of the president Ortega in Nicaraguaand urged Pope Francis to come out in defense of the Nicaraguan people and their religious freedom.

And in June of that year he was one of the 22 former heads of state and Government of Spain and Latin America who urged multilateral organizations and governments committed to democracy to echo the “tragedy of the people of Nicaragua” in the face of “the despotic and totalitarian deepening of the regime Ortega-Murillo”.

In that statement, the former rulers made reference to the political prisoners “subjected to torture and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment” and to the more than 350 Nicaraguans deceased since 2018 for “confronting the ruling couple of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo”, whom they described as “a despotic and uncivilized government.”

Piñera, who was born in Santiago de Chile on December 1, 1949, died this Tuesday in a helicopter accident in Lake Ranco, in the south of this country, in which three other people were on board, who they managed to survive.

According to local press reports, the former president was in control of the device, he was trapped by the seat belt and sank into the lake, where security and emergency services removed his body this afternoon.

The government of Gabriel Boric On this day, he decreed national mourning and the organization of state funerals in honor of the former president.


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