Daddy Yankee announced that he managed to reconcile with his brothers Melvin and Nomar Ayala, from whom he had been estranged for several years.

He gave the news in the middle of his testimony in the Christian church of Kissimmee, in Florida, where he told those present what happened: “You are seeing here a real testimony of brothers who did not speak to each other; of brothers who had conflicts, and we have to preach this because Christ is real. Christ unites families. Christ restores. “Christ unites all your people.”

Likewise, the “Big Boss” called for forgiveness and putting it into practice in their lives: “If you are here, I want you to see a real picture of brothers who loved each other, but had our conflicts.”

Daddy is usually very reserved with his private life, so it was a surprise for many to learn of the situation he was experiencing with his brothers. The same thing happened when, weeks ago, the artist revealed that his father suffered from cancer; Likewise, when rumors arose of a possible separation from his wife, Mireddys González, choosing to remain silent.


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