The ‘Big Boss’ also expressed a moving message about the action he took with a charity organization.

Daddy Yankee has touched the hearts of his followers and the general public after his recent gesture of solidarity. The Puerto Rican artist has shown his support for a foundation dedicated to the fight against cancer in children, a disease that affects millions around the world every year.

The reggaeton icon, whose real name is Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez, has always been known for his vibrant, dance-inducing music. However, this time he has stepped forward in a much more serious and personal cause, especially since he retired from music.

His collaboration with the CAP foundation has been made known through his social networks, where he has an immense base of fans who follow and admire him.

What did Daddy Yankee say after offering his support to children with cancer?

“Thank you Puerto Rico you are at another level. Thank you to everyone who came together to contribute to this great work of the CAP Foundation, my respects. May God bless you and remember that Christ is the doctor par excellence, never forget it,” the famous ‘Big Boss’ wrote on his social networks.



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