Daddy Yankee, the most famous reggaeton singer in the world, faces his most difficult moment after revealing that his father, salsa percussionist Ramón Ayala, has been diagnosed with cancer.

The ‘Big Boss’ confirmed the unfortunate news during his participation in a video for the CAP Foundation of Puerto Rico called ‘Uniendo Cabezas 2024’, whose objective is to get more people to donate their hair to make wigs for patients fighting oncological diseases. .

“I am part of the event to honor my father, as we are also going through this cancer test with my father,” the ‘Gasolina’ interpreter began by pointing out, who expressed his feelings for this situation that his father is going through.

“My family has also had to live and experience what it is like to be part of the condition,” he added, however, he avoided giving details of what type of cancer his father faces and what phase it is in.


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