We are starting the month of February and there have already been unexpected news about the health of public figures. A few days ago, Buckingham Palace confirmed that King Carlos III was diagnosed with cancer and through his Instagram account, the Puerto Rican singer Daddy Yankee announced that his father, Ramón Ayala, suffers from the same disease.

On the social network, where he has 50 million followers, the Big Boss opened his heart with his fans in a video where he talks about his commitment to the CAP foundation, which helps fight childhood cancer and mentioned, without delving too deeply into the topic, the difficult times that his family is experiencing.

“Here, I am doing service to my community, to also honor the memory of my great friend Dariel, who always spoke to me so much about CAP and all the things they do and I am also part of it to honor my father, which we are also going through.” the cancer test with my dad. So it has also been my family’s turn to live and experience what it is like to be part of the condition.”

The Gasolina interpreter, who chose to evangelize the world upon retiring from music, confirmed that he will be a sponsor of the Uniendo Cabezas 2024 event of the aforementioned foundation and thanked him for the opportunity given to him with this participation due to the personal meaning that his family now has with this condition.

Finally in the clip, the Puerto Rican artist took the opportunity to send a short message to the people who have given their time, effort and affection, while caring for their family or friends who have this terrible disease.

“Greetings to all the caregivers. We know, I put myself in their shoes too, what it means to take care of a family member and, more than anything, bring joy to all the children who are part of CAP. So I am going to make a great effort to leave a mark within the hospital,” she commented.

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