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Milagritos Díaz is a new member of Corazón Serrano. Photo: Facebook

Before dedicating herself completely to music, the new member of Corazón Serrano Milagritos Díaz was studying a professional career at the university

Milagritos Diaz He is the living example that dreams can come true. From a very young age she was a big fan of Corazón Serrano and a few days ago she was made official as the new singer of the popular orchestra of QQQumbia. However, few know that the young artist also had other interests such as studying a professional career.

Although she has been linked to music since she was very young and has always expressed her passion for QQQumbia that led her to sing alongside Serrano Heart when she was still a child and then being part of La Bella Luz, Milagritos Diaz He also studied a university professional career.


What university degree did Milagritos Díaz study?

The young singer from Lima Milagritos Diaz He said in an interview for La República that he was studying a university degree, but that he had to leave it for music. “I was studying Initial Education, but due to time constraints due to work, I have not been able to continue with it. Now I want to dedicate myself 100% to my musical career,” she expressed.

Photo: Facebook

How did Milagritos Díaz enter Corazón Serrano?

After the unexpected departure of Briela Cirilo, Serrano Heart announced on January 31 to Milagritos Diaz as its new member. Precisely, in the Radio Nueva Q booth was the official presentation of the young singer in the Piura group.


Corazón Serrano will be present at the ‘Qumbiatonazo Q’ 2024

He ‘Qumbiatozo Q’ 2024 It will take place on March 16 and one of the groups that will be present is Corazón Serrano. The Piuran cast will delight the entire audience with their best hits on the Plaza Norte Esplanade. Tickets are now on sale and can be purchased at the Teleticket website.

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