Welcome to this week’s installment of The Beat‘s Comics Crowdfunding Round-Up! Join us for a look into an industry legend’s work, a popular romance finally brought to a physical release, a witch on the run, and more projects we love!

That’s Some Business You’re In

That's Some Business You're In

Creators: Bob Fingerman (Artist)
Goal: $5,000
End Date: February 29, 2024
Goodies: A digital copy, Hardcover copy, enamel pins, signed copies, art prints, art pages, and more!

Essential for any fan of Bob Fingerman’s work, this career memoir details his 40 years of toiling in comics, and boasts a huge amount of art, much of which is presented for the first time and scanned from the originals. Take a trip through the beloved cartoonist’s artistic journey — and buy some of his rarely offered original art or signed comics while you’re at it!

Best known for his comic series Minimum Wage, Fingerman has worked on many different projects over 40 years. He’s an enormously accomplished cartoonist and writer, and we at The Beat think this art book would be great for any comic-loving collector.

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Creators: RE ME (Writer/Artist)
Goal: $3,000
End Date: February 28, 2024
Goodies: A physical copy of the graphic novel, wallpapers for your computer and cellphone, art prints, a hardcover copy, and much more!

Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting tale of Satu, a guy who reigns supreme as the most sought-after heartthrob in his school. It seems that every girl is smitten by his charm, yet he remains blissfully oblivious to their adoration. Deep within Satu’s heart lies a love that transcends all others, a love reserved solely for the captivating Rin. However, there is a formidable obstacle standing in his way — Rin’s icy love for him.

CinnamonRoll has successfully reached its crowdfunding goal and continues to gain support, boasting over 70 backers. This popular webtoon is steadily progressing towards its physical release. It’s an ideal addition to any webtoon enthusiast’s collection and promises to be a valuable asset to any collector’s shelf!

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Dead and Still Dying

Dead and Still DyingDead and Still Dying

Creators: Mark Bernal (Writer), jade lowder (Artist), Amal Desai (Designer)
Goal: $1,000
End Date: February 15, 2024
Goodies: A physical copy of the comic book, different variants to choose from, a 7” vinyl of the theme song, a chance to be in the comic and much more.

Welcome to the Kickstarter campaign for Dead and Still Dying #1, written by Mark Bernal and illustrated by Jade Lowder.

This series takes place in the Lesser Known Universe along with other Lesser Known Comics like Either Them or Us and Deathwish.

In Dead and Still Dying, a group of teens discover a witch on the run from an insidious multinational corporation bent on world domination.

Dead and Still Dying caught our attention with its gripping art, with the image of a bike turned over in a pitch-black background and the title popping out in big, bold white letters. It honestly felt like watching an ominous cartoon pop out of the pages of a comic book. Following Lesser Known comics releases of Either Them or Us and deathwish and seeing this comic already hit its goal, The Beat is anticipating its release even more.

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Sakebu Book Make 100

Sakebu Book Make 100Sakebu Book Make 100

Creators: Ena Yime and Alfer Lupus (Co-Creators)
Goal: $1,255
End Date: February 28, 2024
Goodies: The limited edition physical copy, postcards, limited stickers, a bookmark and more!

The doors of the Bokkel factory reopen after a long period of being closed, and no wonder, many ideas have been fluttering through the corridors, unscrewing hinges and little by little taking an increasingly real, heavy, and why not say it more delirious form.

Sakebu is literally a “scream.” A return to exploring those stories that are born from nothing. For anyone who is not familiar with Bokkel and also for all those who have followed this madness for many years, Sakebu is the first book made up of stories where losing your mind is the beginning, where dozens of strange characters appear where common sense disappears.

All compiled by one of the most famous and extravagant Bokkel Historians, Hana Yagami.

Sakebu successfully sells how weird the book is with a first look at their Kickstarter video. Yet, the weirdness is endearing with beautiful yet weird pencil drawings and even stranger stories, where losing your mind is just the start. With eight successful previous Kickstarter campaigns and an already funded project with over 40 backers, Sakebu is something any collector would want in their collection.

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Dead Air

Dead AirDead Air

Creators: Benjamin Hunting (Writer), Joe Ng (Artist), Angela Hodge (Graphic Design), Maja Opacic (Colorist), and Reed Hinckley-Barnes (Letterer)
Goal: $9,618
End Date: February 29, 2024
Goodies: Digital and physical copies, signed issues, pins, bags, and more!

What if one day a year, every year, you could talk to the dead? That’s the world of Dead Air, where the miraculous D-TALq technology has now been commoditized to the point where it’s lost more than a little of its luster. When main character Michelle finally heads to her local D-TALq franchise to reach out to a long-departed friend from her college radio days, she gets the surprise of her life that forces her to question everything she thought she knew about her past, all while striving to understand its impact on the future of everyone she cares about.

Dead Air has an attention-grabbing story, with great art to back that up. With already over 200 backers, it’s well on its way to its $9,618 goal. The comic is colorful but ominous. Its characters all jump off the page, and with an interesting and captivating story, any comic collector would want to have this on their shelves.

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