Clif Jack’s record label, MJA the Vision presents a high-velocity techno EP from Luca Morris.

Luca Morris is a highly respected DJ and Producer from the Italian city of Rovigo, and his style is an exhilarating blend of pounding percussion and dynamic synth lines. He has previously released music on respected record labels including the likes of Terminal M, Codex, OFF Recordings and Autektone Records.

He is also a skilled DJ whose production style is influenced by his innate knowledge of what works a dance floor into a frenzy, as Luca Morris has played sets at iconic venues across the globe including the likes of Berghain in Berlin.

“Ghiaccio” is the release’s title track, and it gets things moving with its thundering kick drum and pulsating bassline. Together, they form a ground-shaking foundation for the electrifying lead synth and thrashing high-end percussion. The breakbeat breakdown switches up the energy before the main groove slams back in with devastating force.

Second on the release, “Cara Cara” lifts the tempo with its fast-paced rhythms and acid synth bursts that add to its building tension, which dissipates in the euphoria of the main breakdown. Trippy vocals and uplifting synths give the breakdown a tranquil vibe that’s in stark contrast to the brutality of the main groove, and this colossal track unfolds with growing intensity.

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