Call of Duty is one of gaming’s biggest series. Xbox Game Pass is one of gaming’s biggest services. It only makes sense then that one of Xbox’s priorities–particularly after purchasing Call of Duty’s publisher, Activision–was ensuring the next title in the series is available on Game Pass.

Fortunately for Xbox and Call of Duty fans already subscribed to Game Pass, Microsoft recently confirmed that the next Call of Duty, Black Ops 6, will be included in the subscription service. Yet we can’t help but wonder if having Call of Duty: Black Ops 6 on Game Pass will actually move the needle for Microsoft. Sure, Call of Duty has a built in, loyal fanbase, but will fans who traditionally play on other consoles be motivated to enter the Microsoft ecosystem? Will those not wanting to shell out $70 to purchase the game outright be attracted by Game Pass’ lower price point?

On this week’s Spot On, Tam and Lucy discuss that state of Microsoft and AAA gaming in general, the potential for a Game Pass price hike, and whether they think BLOPS 6 will be the title to give Game Pass a much needed shot in the arm .

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