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Bryan Arámbulo told for the first time how his father’s death affected him. Photo: Facebook

The popular cumbia singer Bryan Arámbulo revealed that he is not feeling well emotionally

Although Bryan Arambulo He is very happy on stage for all his fans and delights them with his great voice, but few know that the young cumbia singer is not having a very good time since the death of his father. In an interview for Lizbeth Cueva’s ‘All Sanamos’ channel, she told what her emotional state is.

Bryan Arambulo He revealed that, after leaving Los Claveles de la Cumbia, he went through the loss of his father. This was a difficult period in which he was present during his mother’s last moments, however, in the last hours he could not accompany her due to work commitments that he had to fulfill to pay for his treatment against the virus. COVID-19.


Bryan Arámbulo does not accept the death of his father

“I didn’t accept my dad’s death. I feel like he’s working, he’s fishing and that one day he’s going to arrive, like 5 meters away he’s coming with fruit and I’m going to hug him. To this day I’ve been dreaming about it, I dream about it a lot.” , he confessed Bryan Arambulo for the YouTube channel ‘We All Heal’.

Photo: Instagram

Likewise, the cumbia singer acknowledged that with the problems he is going through now he misses his father more. “From the day he left, I locked myself in alone. I came here in Lima, I live alone in Lima. “I didn’t want anything, I didn’t want to see anyone, I didn’t want to work,” he said. Bryan Arámbulo.

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