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Brunella Torpoco and Azucena Calvay. Photo: Facebook

The Chalaca salsa singer Brunella Torpoco stressed that music is for sharing and highlighted the great talent of Azucena Calvay

Brunella Torpoco has managed to become one of the most popular salsa singers today and one of its most requested songs is the ‘Mix Guarachas’. For this reason, his musical colleague and cumbia singer Azucena Calvay He was encouraged to perform this song in one of his last concerts. Given this, the Chalaca salsa singer showered her with praise and stressed that music is for sharing.

In October of last year, the Chiclayana singer Azucena Calvay He invited Brunella Torpoco to the concert in The Huaralino which meant his triumphant return to the stage. At that time, they both sang together ‘Mix Guarachas’ and they highlighted the great vocal talent of each one.


However, a few days ago, the cumbia singer Azucena Calvay He published a video on TikTok where he performs the ‘Mix Guarachas’. This clip has gone viral and has received thousands of comments.

Video: Azucena Calvay

Brunella Torpoco defends Azucena Calvay

Given some malicious comments that sought to confront both singers, Brunella Torpoco decided to comment and support Azucena Calvay. Blessings darling, here music is for sharing and I am glad that we are all doing very well, successes Azucena Calvay,” wrote the Chalaca salsa singer. For her part, the cumbia performer thanked Brunella for her gesture.


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