Bad Bunny He reminded us of the power of human connection during his concert at the United Center in Chicago. During one of his three sold-out dates, the chart-topping reggaeton sensation spotted a familiar face in the audience. Making his way through the crowds, he walked towards Leilany Martínez Oteroone of his former classmates.

As he reached her, she greeted him with a warm smile. “So long, give me a hug you bastard,” she exclaimed, according to her Instagram post. The moment served as a touching reminder of the origins of Bad Bunny’s ascent to stardom. Before achieving global recognition, he was a student trying to find his way through the corridors of his school, making friends who would influence his path. And now, standing on stage before many fans, he was reconnecting with part of his past.

As the embrace lingered, the crowd erupted into cheers, celebrating the reunion of two friends brought together by fate and music.

For Leilany Martínez Otero, the unexpected encounter was undoubtedly a highlight she would cherish for years. And one day, she hopes to be the one onstage, or perhaps collaborating with her good friend Ella, as Martínez Otero is also a singer, trying to find her breakout moment Ella.


Bad Bunny is performing across the US as part of his “Most Wanted Tour.” During his March show in Los Angeles, the Puerto Rican global sensation arrived riding on horseback Despite weeks ago, his stunt drew disapproval from the animal rights organization PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Bad Bunny, known for his boundary-pushing music and daring fashion choices, has never shied away from making bold statements; Despite the controversy, he left behind traditional means of arrival and instead opted to continue with his dramatic entrances.

Bad Bunny’s “Most Wanted Tour” consists of 37 dates across 31 cities in North America. It kicked off at the Delta Center in Salta Lake City, Utah, marking the first time he’s performed in the venue.


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