Aventura managed to sell out in ticket sales! There will be a second date at the National Stadium. (Photo: social networks)

In three hours, tickets for Aventura’s first concert in Peru were sold out. Next, find out the second date of his tour ‘Closing cycles’.

In just three hours, Adventurethe undisputed “Kings of Bachata”, sold out all the seats for their concert in Lima on October 16, where they arrive with the ‘Cerrandociclos’ tour, which marks the group’s farewell.

Due to the great reception from their unconditional fans, a last date has been scheduled for next Thursday, October 17 at the same venue. Tickets can only be purchased through Teleticket starting tomorrow at 11:00 am.


MasterLive, a company that makes possible the arrival of Adventure to our country, he thanked the followers of Adventure for the great reception. As is known, the Teleticket page sold out, in the first minutes, the total number of seats that were put on sale for the first National show.


It should be noted that this will be the last concert he will give. Adventure In our country. Due to scheduling issues and other factors, it will be impossible to schedule a new date.

“This is the last time fans will be able to enjoy Adventure. Ticket sales begin this Saturday at 11:00 a.m. on Teleticket. The members of the group know the great love of their fans, which is why they agreed to this new date, despite the busy schedule of presentations they have,” said Masterlive representatives.

For this reason we have a new appointment next Thursday, October 17 at the National Stadium to enjoy all the successes of Adventure. Ticket sales will be carried out through Teleticket starting tomorrow at 11:00 am. It is the last opportunity to appreciate the “Kings of Bachata”, on their ‘Closing cycles’ tour.

Aventura and Romeo Santos in Lima 2024: second date confirmed

After the success in ticket sales for the first concert of Adventure in Lima on his farewell tour, there will be a second date and it will take place on Thursday the 17th also at the National Stadium.

When does ticket sales start for the second date of Aventura en Lima 2024?

Tickets can be purchased through Teleticket starting this Saturday, May 25, from 11:00 a.m.

Adventure in Lima 2024: When was the group formed and who is it?

Adventure is a famous American bachata group that was founded in 1993. Its members are Romeo SantosLenny Santos, Max Agende Santos and Henry Santos.

Adventure in Lima 2024: What hit songs will they sing at their farewell concert?

‘For a second’, ‘She and I’, ‘The infidels’, ‘Obsession’, ‘A kiss, ‘The loser’, ‘Tell love’, ‘The wedding’, ‘Contempt’, ‘My girl changed ‘, ‘Teach me to forget’ and ‘Mother’s love’ are some of the songs that fans are already looking forward to singing at the top of their lungs at the National.

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