Aventura announces concert in Honduras, in which city will it perform?

Aventura will be in the industrial city soon. BMT confirmed the event through its official Instagram account. Find out all the details here

Aventura’s musical tour, called “Cerrando Ciclos”, began on May 1 in California, United States.

However, the performances will continue next November, starting in Nicaragua on the 5th. The group will then perform on November 7 in Guatemala, and on the 9th in the sister Republic of El Salvador.

In Honduras, Aventura’s concert is scheduled for November 14th only in the city of San Pedro Sula, at the Metropolitan Olympic Stadium. “San Pedro Sula, now it’s your turn,” they posted on the bmtickets Instagram page.

Romeo Santos and Aventura have conquered lovers of romantic bachata with iconic songs, including “Obsesión”, “Por un segundo” and “El perdedor”