congratulated “the people and the Government” of for the elections held this Sunday in the Central American country and extended “his congratulations and greetings to the president-elect ”.

In a statement issued by the Argentine Foreign Ministry, the South American country “renews its commitment to continue working in favor of the historic ties of friendship with The Savior and to promote the existing cooperation mechanisms between both nations on the issues that make up the bilateral agenda.”

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During election day, Bukele said that he has offered the Government of Javier Milei collaboration on security issues, although said country does not need measures “as drastic” as those applied in El Salvador.

“We have officially offered to the Minister (of Security) (Patricia) Bullrich“Not advice, but the collaboration that they need on all security issues.”said the president in a meeting with the media held a few minutes after the closing of the polling stations.

He maintained, to questions from the press, that “since the problem is smaller, maybe the medicine It can be smaller too.”

“Argentina’s security problem, which exists, is perhaps not as pressing as it was in The Savior and, therefore, the measures that can be shared by us so that they can be applied in Argentina would not have to be so drastic, because they do not need to resolve such a big problem”, he added.

Sunday night, Bukele He proclaimed himself the winner of the elections before the results were known.

With 70.25% of the minutes processed in the preliminary scrutiny of the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE), it has already reached 1,662,313 votes, followed very far by the Frente Farabundo Marti for the National Liberation (FMLN, left), with 139,025 votes, and the National Republican Alliance (Arena, right), with 122,926.

These results must be ratified in a final scrutiny with the physical records and this process takes several days.

If the data is confirmed, Bukele would become the first president of The Savior to be re-elected and the majority in Congress would allow him to continue his war against gangs through an emergency regime, implemented since March 2022.


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