‘Yailin, the most viral’ and Tekashi continue to make headlines in the national and international media. After the Dominican separated from Anuel, the father of her daughter Cattleya, she has not stopped being a trend on the networks due to the constant scandals that she has been involved in.

Shortly after her divorce, the ‘chivirika’ was very in love with the rapper Tekashi, who, in fact, has assumed the role of father to little Cattleya. Although they seemed very much in love, a few weeks ago they were involved in strong episodes of violence; they even went to court to resolve them, as the situation got out of control.

What happened to Yailin and Tekashi?

Due to this situation, Anuel AA’s ex-wife was arrested on December 15 of last year, in Miami, because the rapper shared some videos on his social networks showing her attacks on him, in fact, she threatened him with a knife. . “For people who are going to create their own fake news, the truth is that Yai is very jealous. She so beautiful that she is the girl, but many insecurities. I could never understand. “La Yai needs a lot of psychological help, therapy,” the singer said on his Instagram account.

After that scandal, at the beginning of January the artists were very affectionate, confusing their followers who wondered if, after everything that had happened, they were still a couple.

At that time, Yailin denied those rumors, stating that those images were not current: “if I have already made the decision not to be with you, stop uploading old videos.” Did Tekashi give Yailin an engagement ring?

In the last few hours, the Hoy Día program published a video compiling the rumors that have emerged on social networks that claim that, supposedly, the couple would reach the altar. “They send themselves to make new jewelry, they already know that they seem to have plenty of money, this in the midst of wedding rumors. Many are wondering if they are already asking for an engagement ring… If Tekashi gives him those cars, I can’t imagine the ring,” commented the presenters of the program.

On social networks, Internet users did not hesitate to leave their opinions: “they should have nominated her for best masochistic woman of the year”, “the couple of the year”, “very toxic”.


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