Anuel and Bad Bunny are two of the biggest references in the urban music scene, but it seems that there isn’t much chemistry between them. Although they were seen greeting each other on several occasions years ago, some fans wondered what would have happened between the two for the interactions to disappear completely.

Time has passed and we have seen the ragman confronting Arcángel in a beef, but others have wanted to know where his relationship with the bad rabbit stands. Anuel responded to this in his last interview with Alofoke radio and confirmed what many suspected: they are not friends.

“Bad Bunny and I have had many differences that later will always remain between him and me. Things that have happened here outside of music, songs, networks, and so on. His and my relationship is fractured,” explains the Puerto Rican. “He and I have talked about a lot of things and then that’s what I’m telling you, they are things that no one knows and no one is going to know because we are not clowns who are going to be talking for 70… do you know what I’m telling you? Like what he and I talked about and 70 stupid things. We don’t have to tell anyone anything. It’s like there are many things that happen in real life that no one knows about and they will never find out. He and I have a relationship that is no longer good, no,” he adds.

Fans have not been slow to react to Anuel’s words and have been divided between those who support the interpreter of Las Leyendas Nadie Mueren and those who are in favor of the one from Un Verano Sin Ti. There are also those who are saddened by the situation of enmity between the two. “Well, honestly, this makes me sad. The amount of shoveling that these two could be doing is not even half normal,” says a follower.

Be that as it may, what is clear is that nothing can be taken for granted in life and perhaps they will end up resolving their differences at some point. Although some followers seem to be clearly positioned and do not support the idea of ​​them making peace.

And you, what do you think must have happened between them for their relationship to end up as “fractured” as it does now? Do you think they will solve it soon?