Anonimus and Rimas Publishing Reveal the Secrets of ‘Luz’ in a Revealing Documentary

In a show of lights and shadows, Rimas Publishing, the award-winning independent publisher, celebrates the latest opus of its representative Anonimus with the launch of a unique video that immerses viewers in the secrets and magic behind “Luz”.

Lasting 15 minutes, this special takes Anonimus fans on an intimate journey through their artistic evolution, unveiling the experiences and muses that shaped this long-awaited album. Available exclusively on Rimas Publishing’s YouTube channel, the video highlights the collaboration and complicity between the talented singer-songwriter and the publisher’s stellar producers, such as Culprit, GC ON THE BEAT and JAN K.

In this audiovisual production, Anonimus presents himself not only as a musician, but as a passionate narrator of his own story. “Luz”, his fourth album, is not only a testament to musical prowess, but a canvas where collaborations with artists such as Gente de Zona, Messiah, Ñengo Flow and Ankhal give life to a unique sound experience that embraces various genres.

This documentary offers a revealing insight into the deep connection between the artist and his work, highlighting crucial moments in his career and revealing creativity in its rawest form. Anonimus, recognized as one of the most prominent talents of his generation, shares his inspirations and aspirations, providing a unique window to the universe that inhabits every chord of “Luz.”

With almost 600,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and more than 300,000 subscribers on YouTube, Anonimus has carved its name in the industry. This documentary, more than just a behind-the-scenes look, is a testament to the strength and authenticity that has guided the artist’s career. Rimas Publishing, home to renowned talent, opens a door to Anonimus’ creative process, underscoring his contribution to the rich musical tapestry of the Latin American industry.


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