On February 7, but in 1980, the British rock band Pink Floyd presented at the Sports Arena in Los Angeles (USA) the first production of their legendary album ‘The Wall’.

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Other anniversaries:

  • 1602.- The British pirate William Parker storms the city of San Felipe de Portobelo (Panama).
  • 1826.- The Argentine Congress appoints Bernandino Rivadavia as the first head of state of the Republic.
  • 1848.- Doroteo Vasconcelos takes office as president of El Salvador.
  • 1852.- In Madrid (Spain), the priest Martín Merino, author of an attack against Queen Isabel II days before, is publicly hanged.
  • 1950.- The US and Great Britain recognize the three associated states of Indochina protected by France and Bao Dai, the last emperor of Vietnam.
  • 1962.- The total United States embargo on Cuba, decreed by President Kennedy four days before against the Fidel Castro regime, comes into force.
  • 1964.- The British group The Beatles landed in the United States for the first time, on the successful tour that marked the beginning of “Beatlemania.”
  • 1965.- United States aviation launches the first napalm bombardment on Vietnam.
  • 1971.- In Switzerland, a referendum approves, by a two-thirds majority, the right to vote for women at the national level.
  • 1974.- The island of Grenada achieves independence from Great Britain.
  • 1979.- Colonel Chadli Benyedid is elected president of the Republic of Algeria after the death of Huari Bumedien.
  • 1984.- NASA astronaut Bruce McCandles becomes the first person to float untethered in space by moving away from the shuttle Challenger using his powered backpack.
  • 1986.- In Haiti, a popular revolt overthrows the president, the dictator Jean Claude Duvalier, who flees the country.
  • 1990.- The plenary session of the central committee of the CPSU approves, with a single vote against, the renunciation of its exclusive exercise of power in the USSR.
  • 1991.- In Haiti, Jean Bertrand Aristide takes office as the country’s new president.
  • 1992.- The Treaty of Maastricht is signed in the Dutch city of the same name.
  • 1997.- In Ecuador, Congress dismisses the head of State, Abdalá Bucaram, for “mental incapacity” to govern and declares the presidency of the Republic vacant.
  • 1999.- King Hussein of Jordan dies; His first-born son, Abdullah, is sworn in as the fourth monarch of the Hashemite kingdom and names his half-brother Hamza, son of Queen Noor, heir to the throne.
  • 1996.- An alliance is formed with the American companies “Packard Bell”, French “Bull” and Japanese “NEC” to compete in the computer industry, especially in the sale of personal computers.
  • 2005.- The British Ellen MacArthur sets the record for sailing around the world alone in a sailboat, which she completed in 71 days and 14 hours aboard a trimaran.
  • 2008.- The American shuttle Atlantis takes off towards the International Space Station with the European laboratory “Colombus”.
  • 2009.- In Bolivia, President Evo Morales promulgates the country’s new Constitution.
  • 2014.- Chilean researchers discover bone remains of a type of plesiosaur, a marine reptile that lived in the Biobío 65 million years ago.
  • 2016.- North Korea launches a long-range rocket and puts a satellite into orbit.
  • 2017.- The Government of Colombia and the guerrilla of the National Liberation Army (ELN) open a negotiating table in Quito (Ecuador) that seeks to end the armed conflict.
  • 2019.- In Russia, President Vladimir Putin promulgates a law that decriminalizes domestic violence, as long as the aggressor is not a repeat offender.
  • 2020.- In Spain, Carlos García Juliá, co-author of the massacre of Atocha labor lawyers in 1977, enters the Madrid prison of Soto del Real, after being extradited. Convicted in 1980, he was on the run from justice.
  • 2022.- In Switzerland, a team of researchers allows three paraplegics to walk thanks to an implant that electrically stimulates the spinal cord in a personalized way.
  • – The painting “Mata Mua” by Paul Gauguin returns to the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum in Madrid. Coming from Andorra, where it was brought in 2020, the “Mata Mua” is the most important piece in the Carmen Thyssen collection.
  • .- The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) announces the installation in Colombia of its regional headquarters, for the supervision and coordination of operations against drug trafficking and crimes in Argentina, Chile, Bolivia , Ecuador and Uruguay.
  • 2023.- In Argentina, the financial services firm Pro Mujer completes in the capital market the first issuance of negotiable obligations (ON) with a gender social impact, aimed at granting loans to low-income women .

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  • 1812.- Charles Dickens, English novelist.
  • 1833.- Ricardo Palma, Peruvian poet, historian and politician.
  • 1834.- Estanislao del Campo, Argentine writer and politician.
  • 1909.– Helder Pessoa Cámara, Brazilian bishop and defender of human rights.
  • 1927.- Marie Juliette Greco, French singer.
  • 1937.- Publio Cordón, Spanish businessman.
  • 1956.- José Ortega Heredia, “Manzanita”, Spanish singer.
  • 1985.- Deborah Ann Woll, American actress.

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  • 1837.- Gustavus IV Adolf, king of Sweden.
  • 1985.- Matt Monro, British singer.
  • 1979.- Josef Mengele, “the angel of death”, German Nazi doctor.
  • 1987.- Claudio Villa, Italian singer.
  • 1999.- Hussein of Jordan, Hashemite monarch.
  • 2003.- Augusto Monterroso, writer of Honduran origin and Guatemalan nationality.
  • 2006.- Alberto “Toto” Ferry, legendary Peruvian soccer player.
  • 2017.- Tzvetan Tdorov, Bulgarian philosopher.
  • 2019.- Rosamunde Pilcher, British writer.
  • 2022.- Margarita Lozano, Spanish actress.
  • 2023.- Domingo Jiménez Beltrán, Spanish engineer, first director of the European Environment Agency.


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