On February 11, but in 1847, the American was born Thomas Alva Edison, creator of the phonograph -precursor of the record player – and the incandescent light bulb, among the 1,903 patents he registered in his life.

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  • 1895.- The US establishes a protectorate over the Hawaiian Islands.
  • 1906.- The encyclical “Vehementer Nos” by Pope Pius X is published on the religious situation created in France after the approval of the law that contemplates the separation of Church and State.
  • 1929.- Signature of the Lateran Pacts between the Holy See and Italy, by which the Vatican State is recognized.
  • 1975.- Margaret Thatcher is elected president of the British Conservative Party.
  • 1989.- The American Barbara Harris is the first woman ordained bishop in the Episcopal Church.
  • 1990.- In South Africa, Nelson Mandela is released by the government of recently elected president FW De Klerk, after spending 27 years in prison.
  • 1999.- The Paraguayan Congress approves the political prosecution of President Raúl Cubas for “poor performance of his duties and crimes committed while in office.”
  • 2000.- Nine weeks after its creation, London suspends the autonomous executive of Northern Ireland as the disarmament of the IRA (Irish Republican Army) has not begun.
  • 2002.- Argentina frees its exchange market, after eleven years of parity between peso and dollar.
  • 2011.- Hosni Mubarak, president of Egypt since 1981, hands over power to the military, after weeks of popular protests.
  • 2013.- Pope Benedict XVI announces that he will resign from his duties on the 28th of the same month due to his “advanced age.”
  • 2015.- Former captain Francesco Schettino is sentenced to 16 years in prison for the shipwreck of the cruise ship “Costa Concordia” in January 2012.
  • 2018.- A plane crashes on the outskirts of Moscow and its 71 occupants die.
  • 2020.- The WHO names the Wuhan coronavirus disease “Covid-19.”

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  • 1909.- Joseph Leo Mankiewicz, American filmmaker.
  • 1920.- Faruk, king of Egypt.
  • 1926.- Paul Bocuse, French chef.
  • 1934.- Mary Quant, British designer.
  • 1936.- Burt Reynolds, American actor.
  • 1940.- Rafael de Paula, Spanish bullfighter.
  • 1950.- Tino Casal, Spanish singer and composer.
  • 1964.- Joan Roca, Spanish chef.
  • 1969.- Jennifer Aniston, American actress.

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  • 1650.- René Descartes, French philosopher and mathematician.
  • 1894.- Emilio Arrieta, Spanish composer.
  • 1948.- Sergei M. Eisenstein, Soviet filmmaker.
  • 1949.- Axel Munthe, Swedish doctor and writer.
  • 2000.- Roger Vadim, French filmmaker.
  • 2009.- Willem Kolff, Dutch doctor who became a nationalized American, pioneer in the creation of artificial organs.
  • 2010.- Alexander Mcqueen, British fashion designer.
  • 2012.- Whitney Houston, American singer and actress.


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