There are more and more rumors that romantically link Peso Pluma in a relationship with the Brazilian singer Anitta, this after the hot dance they performed on the Coachella stage.

But they have also shown the fire between them before the television cameras after Anitta performed a sensual dance for Peso Pluma while they performed the hit ‘Bellakeo’ during an awards presentation.

And the singers have been seen together at several important events and parties, especially since the Mexican ended his courtship with Nicki Nicole, which has given rise to speculation that the Brazilian now occupies a special place in Peso’s heart. Feather.

Given these rumors, Anitta was questioned by reporters from the program ‘Sale el Sol’ about her relationship with the Mexican singer and in her response the Brazilian made it clear that she has nothing to hide.

“I think he and I love each other very much and this is what matters. I think people always have this need to put labels on things, I like to live life and see what happens, I am very relaxed about this,” declared the singer.

Anita is not afraid to talk about her private life

In another interview, Anitta had highlighted that she has no problems talking about her private life as happens with other celebrities, although she prefers to keep this aspect as discreet as possible.

“When they are private matters in my life that only have to do with me, I speak as if nothing happened, I don’t care,” said the Brazilian in an interview with Telehit.