Anitta broke the silence and clarified how she gets along with Featherweight, are these celebrities more than good friends? The Brazilian said this in an interview with El gordo y la flaca.

Anitta and Peso Pluma have not officially confirmed whether they are dating, although for many Internet users this is already a fact because both singers have been captured very close together in affectionate situations that could be more than enough proof of their love.

The last viral video of the couple fueled the controversy even more because in the recording Anitta is seen while changing clothes in her dressing room under the careful surveillance of Peso Pluma, who does not take his eyes off her at this very moment. intimate, would a friend do that? According to social media users, no.

In the midst of these rumors, Anitta opened up to the media and opened her heart about the issue of Featherweight, why have they been seen so together in recent weeks? She knows her statements.


It was in an interview with reporter David Valadez from the Univision program El gordo y la flaca that Anitta finally revealed if she and Peso Pluma are more than good friends, as they have maintained on many occasions.

“I think that I and he love each other a lot and this is what matters”

During the talk that took place in Los Angeles, California, where Anitta performed as part of her Dance Funk Experience tour, the Brazilian opened her heart about her feelings towards Peso Pluma:

“Oh my God, this… what a strong song. This is a very strong topic,” Anitta began to say, who at the insistence of David Valadez, who asked her again if she and the man from Jalisco were just good friends or not, responded with some enigmatic words.

“I think that I and he love each other a lot and this is what matters, I think that people always have this need to label things,” said the Brazilian, who clarified that she really likes “living life and see what happens.”

Thus, with this brief but mysterious statement, Anitta did not confirm but neither did she deny her relationship with Peso Pluma, although for many this romance is more than obvious, who knows!