It’s no secret that Tulum has emerged as a global hotspot for dance music culture.

With its international allure and diverse venues ranging from beach clubs to jungle parties, Tulum offers a bottomless blend of electronic music experiences from sunrise to sunset. The city attracts tens of thousands of international attendees with its high season festivals, among them Zamna and Day Zero.

Tulum’s underground and local dance music scene, however, is just as vibrant and exciting. Let’s dive into the world of Tulum’s dance music culture by exploring eight party brands that are driving the scene forward and shaping its landscape.


When: Every Tuesday
Genres: Melodic techno, house
Where: Vagalume
Curated by: Miganova, Vite

Sinner is curated by MIGANOVA and Antonio Vite, taking place every Tuesday at the iconic Vagalume. One of Tulum’s most impressive beach clubs, Vagalume makes for the perfect backdrop for Sinners, which is bustling with top-tier house and melodic techno.

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Mystical Experiences

When: Every other Wednesday
Genres: Techno, Melodic techno
Where: Mine, Leemba
Curated by: Oriol Calvo

Curated by Oriol Calvo, Mystical Experiences is one of Tulum’s premier techno events, blending the intimate ambiance of Mia and the natural beauty of Léemba Beach Club.

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When: Every Thursday
Genres: Afro-house, tribal, organic house
Where: Vagalume
Curated by: Kintar

Kintar’s international party and residency, Summerians successfully returned to Tulum for the third year in a row in 2024. The brand has held events in Dubai, Ibiza, Bali, New York and more.

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Have Ibiza

When: Every Friday
Genres: House
Where: Vagalume
Curated by: Oriol Calvo

Taking over Tulum’s throughout its high season in winter before heading back to Ibiza in the summer, Ten is one of Tulum’s most exciting resident events, spearheaded by Oriol Calvo.

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Ancestral Soul

When: Every Sunday
Genres: Afro-house
Where: Bonbonierre, Vagalume
Curated by: Queen Rami & Leo Figuer

Taking place at Bonbonierre and Vagalume, Ancestral Soul is one of the region’s most expertly curated events, propelled by the world-class expertise of Queen Rami and Leo Figuer.

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When: 2-3 times per year
Genres: Melodic techno, progressive house
Where: Tulum
Curated by: 420 Crew

An immersive festival experience that’s not to be missed, Chronicles is thrown by 420 Crew just a handful of times a year, offering an authentic jungle rave experience.

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When: Twice per year
Genres: Afro/Tribal/Organic House
Where: Buuts’ Ha’ Cenote Club
Curated by: WHY NOT? & DPM

Taking place at Buuts’ Ha’, the world’s only cenote club, WHY NOT? welcomes over 1,000 attendees with each edition. Co-presented with DPM, one of Tulum’s leading party brands, the festival is gearing up for its second edition this year on March 30th.

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When: 1-2 times per month
Genres: Indie dance, deep house
Where: Various locations
Curated by: Giorgio Stefano

Dominik by Giorgio Stefano, a prominent figure within Tulum’s local dance music scene, takes over all kinds of venues throughout Tulum’s high season, providing biweekly parties that shouldn’t be missed.

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