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With Dot To Dot soon to hit Bristol and Nottingham, here are some of our favorites from the stacked lineup

When it comes to day festivals, Dot To Dot It’s a different beast entirely. With a hefty, genre-spanning lineup, the festival first takes over Bristol on Saturday 25th May before taking the exact same lineup all the way to Nottingham for the Sunday.

Leading the pack this year are Jockstrap and Wunderhorse, with an undercard stacked with some of the buzziest new music the UK (and beyond) has to offer. Here are a few suggestions of where you should head over the weekend.

Tickets are available here.


jockstrap 1

Jockstrapmade up of BC,NR’s Georgia Ellery and producer Taylor Skye have had a crazy few years. With the release of their debut album in 2022 and a remix album last year, they have now moved all the way up D2D’s lineup to co-headline with Wunderhorse.

Their music is a fascinating mix of genres, from glitchy dance beats to haunting folk to pop bangers and their live show is unlike anything else you will have seen. Witnessing Skye craft each track live is mesmerizing, while Ellery takes center-stage as a full-blown pop-star (with the occasional violin solo).

Listen to ‘Good Girl’ here:

Saya Gray

saya gray
Photography by Leeay

Continuing the trend of destroying all normal concepts of genre, the next on our list is Saya Gray. Gray‘s two ‘QWERTY’ projects have been some of the most exciting, inventive and out-there music we’ve heard in years.

Combining art-pop with rock, experimental, psychedelia and so much more, her sound is incomparable to anyone else. Witnessing her complex beats and wild vocal experimentation de ella come to life is sure to be a highlight of the weekend. Don’t sleep on Saya Gray.

Listen to ‘AA BOUQUET FOR YOUR 180 FACE’ here:


ugly 2 2
Photography by Luca Pellegrino

After catching their set at Outer Town a few weeks ago, we are happy to report that Ugly are still one of the most talented and exciting bands currently on the scene.

With a satisfying round up of their recent singles released this year as the brilliant ‘Twice Around The Sun’ EP, they are already experimenting with new material, peppering their tight setlist with new and old tracks. Their vocal harmonies, folk build ups and emotional explosions are near-unmatched by any other indie band right now.

Listen to ‘The Wheel’ here:

The Bug Club

the bug club

Oh, The Bug Club. You will always be our favorite Welsh power pop band and you will always have the sweetest name on any festival lineup.

With their wonderful album ‘Rare Birds: Hour Of Song’ Dropping last year, we were treated to yet another lovely batch of songs, ranging from rock and roll to folk. Their tracks are short but sweet, with hilarious lyrics, classic guitar solos and warm bubbly energy. Live, the band comes to life, rattling through their setlist with very little time to breathe. All you can do is smile.

Listen to ‘Marriage’ here:

Home Counties

home counties 5
Photography by Lily Doidge

With their debut album ‘Exactly As It Seems’ just around the corner (3rd May), Home Counties are on the right track for blowing up. With witty lyrics, post-punk guitars and dancey synths, the band are built for a festival stage.

Inspired by LCD Soundsystem, Confidence Man and Talking Headswe hope Home Counties can bring the energy of these legends, with some synth-fueled flair of their own, to Bristol and Nottingham.

Listen to ‘Dividing Lines’ here:

Dot To Dot will take place in Bristol on Saturday 25th May and Nottingham on Sunday 26th May.

Tickets are available here.

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